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Welcome to Great American History!

We provide free educational material on the subject of American history--with special emphasis on the Civil War and Abraham Lincoln. We also sell American history books.

Our site is divided into 2 main subject areas, The Bookstore and the Civil War Library.

In "The Bookstore" you'll find various books on American history and biographies of famous Americans. In the "Civil War Library" you'll find free educational material on the subject of American history. Included in the library:

  • The Outline of the Civil War from Great American History
  • Quotes on the subject of Lincoln's Faith in God
  • Recommended Reading on The Civil War
  • Unsung Heros of the Civil War
  • Fun stuff like Civil War Generals Wordsearch
  • Educational aids such as Civil War Quizzes
  • Educational articles such as Lincoln Wins the Republican Nomination in 1860
  • Religious Revival in Civil War Armies
  • Favorite Links to various history-related websites and more!

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