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Civil War Library

Welcome to Great American History's Civil War Library Page.

It is our desire to provide educators, homeschoolers, and students of the Civil War with free educational material that will be useful in their efforts to make history come alive. As both avid students of history and homeschoolers, we recognize the importance of providing students with interesting, easily accessed material that is both challenging and interesting.

Jean and I have been homeschooling our three sons for over 7 years, and have found it to be one of life's most rewarding experiences. We have found the most important ingredients for homeschooling are love, a desire for excellence, patience, hard work, and lots of prayer!

We offer links to various other websites that we believe are interesting and fun, as well as provide our own material that can be used to help teach and plan history lessons. We are also interested in providing information on history subjects that are difficult to find on the web, like:

For recommended reading material on the Civil War era, go to: Recommended Reading on The Civil War

For an outline on the Civil War, complete with links to other sites covering the topics, go to Outline of the Civil War from Great American History

For little-publicized comments by Abraham Lincoln on his personal faith in God and our nation's need for divine guidance, try: Lincoln's Faith in God

For some fun puzzles on Civil War generals and leaders, try: Civil War Generals Wordsearch, Civil War Politicians Wordsearch, or Civil War Battles Wordsearch

For quizzes on the Civil War, go toCivil War Quizzes

For links to other good history-oriented web sites, try: Favorite Links

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